Thursday, 20 August 2015

Collage and construction with boxes! We have made Emergency Vehicles as part of our Inquiry, Safe Journeys.

Police cars made from stickers, boxes, paper and paint.

Fire Engines painted and decorated with sirens, wheels, cardboard ladders and pipe cleaner hoses!

Ambulances made from sticker paper, bottle top wheels and paper stuck with cold glue guns.


Thank you to all the families who collected the bottle tops for our wheels! And thank you to Mrs Trembath's Mum who gave us all the boxes to paint.


  1. What great Emergency Service vehicles you all made! Awesome
    Mrs Clyde

  2. Great Emergency vehicles you all made! Awesome!

  3. Wow these model emergency trucks are great. Looks like lots of fun, Finlays mum.

  4. Lovely crafts! well done room 20! Danya's mum.